> What? Leaving so soon? Just for your viewing pleasure, I've provided a few links that may or may not interest you. They mainly cover my interests, beliefs, etc.

Hash Inc. - Where I got Martin Hash's Animation: Master. Some of the contents on this site wouldn't have been possible without it.

Machinae Supremacy - An indie Swedish metal band that plays really good music.

2 The Ranting Gryphon - One of my favorite comedians, and prominent member of the fur fandom.


Polycount - Formerly the Q2PMP, one of my favorite sites on the web. Its database of plugin player models has been down for several years, but the forums are still good.

Tasty Spleen - One of the best Quake 2 servers currently online.

Stepmania - A free simulation of the arcade hit Dance Dance Revolution.

Mugen Fighter's Guild - A Mugen forum, where you can find links to completed Mugen characters and stages, as well as works in progress.


Electronic Frontier Foundation - A great orginization that supports free speech on the Internet.

TERA - Topfree Equal Rights Association.

National Youth Rights Association - Dedicated to the cause for expanding the rights of teens. Their goals include eliminating curfew laws, and lowering the voting age.

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