Quake 2 PPMs

> I became interested in the art of modeling Quake 2 plugin player models (PPMs) when I first visited the Q2PMP in the middle of 1998. From that moment, I became a PPM junkie, collecting good, high quality models wherever I could find them. I always wanted to get into PPM modeling myself, and had a few ideas from a few of my interests in other genres, but lacked the tools and know-how to do so. It was the middle of the July of 1999 when I got my first real break. After almost a year of searching for the right tutorials and software, I was finally ready to start my first model, Chuckie Finster.

Quake 2 PPM - Chuckie FinsterQuake 2 PPM - Tony ToponiQuake 2 PPM - DibQuake 2 PPM - Austavin

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