> While browsing through the BYOC of the 2007 QuakeCon, I saw someone at his computer playing a fighting game that at first glance appeared to be Capcom VS. SNK 2. The stage was the England stage from CvS2, but one of the fighters was Sub-Zero from the Mortal Kombat series. When I asked the player if this was some kind of a game hack, he said that it was a game called MUGEN, so sometime after returning home from my QuakeCon vacation, I checked it out on GoogleMUGEN turned out to be not a fighting game, but a fighting game engine that could replicate the elements of most 2D fighting games, and allowed fans to create their own characters, stages, and even entire screenpacks. Ever since my early teens, I've always wanted to create my own fighting game, and had some original fighters planned out, but I lacked the programming skills to make that project a reality. Because of my discovery of MUGEN, and my recent concepts of new and better fighters, I decided to give the fighting game creation scene another try.

Characters - Some of my own original characters, as well as creations from other authors that I've edited.

Lifebars - The fancy displays that appear on screen during each match, and indicate each character's current health and energy, the time remaining in the round, and other things as well.

AI Tournaments - Tournaments pitting the AI of my collection's MUGEN characters against each other.

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