Brandy Oteigh

Name - Brandy Oteigh
Height - 5' 4"
Weight - 140 lbs
Age - 14
Fighting style - Watanabe Jujitsu
Species - Woodland elf

> Brandy is a woodland elf who was the protagonist of a fantasy webtoon whose target audience was preteen girls. She grew up in a family owned magic shop known as the Oteigh Shop in a village populated almost entirely by magical creatures, which was located in the middle of an enchanted forest. Nearly everyone in the village had magical abilities, and used them in their everyday lives. However, Brandy was born without the ability to use her inborn magic power, and as a result, there were a great many things that everyone in the village could do that she couldn't. Despite this severe disability, she was still generally accepted by her friends and family as an equal, and they were happy to make the necessary accommodations for her.

> One night when Brandy was eleven years old, the village elder visited the Oteigh Shop with some urgent and tragic news. As it turned out, Brandy's inability to use her magic was no random accident, and the elder had known why even before her birth. The goddess of the forest elves had foreseen the coming of a great evil power that would destroy the forest and everything in it, so she set into motion a long term plan to stop the menace. Before Brandy was born, the goddess replaced her normal magic energy with a special type of energy that was potentially far more powerful than normal elven magic when used under certain conditions. This energy was specifically created to destroy the evil force, and would build up freely in Brandy's body over the years. However, this was not a form of magic that could normally be used to cast spells, which was the reason behind Brandy's magic impotence. The goddess had originally planned for Brandy to strike at the evil force when she was 16 years old, since her magic energy would be fully charged by then.

> Unfortunately, it had recently been discovered that the evil force had somehow learned of the goddess's plan, but was so far unable to pinpoint who bore the energy created to destroy it. Knowing that Brandy's life was now in grave danger, and that she could not afford to lose her, the goddess decided to have Brandy flee the webtoon, and hide in a safe location until her energy was fully charged. Luckily, the village elder was good friends with a resident of a little known website known as Creamy's Wonderland. The resident happened to be the landlord of an apartment complex in the site's city, and the elven village elder trusted him with his life. The elder's plan to keep Brandy safe was to send her to Creamy's Wonderland to live in one of the landlord's apartments, since the evil force would never think to search for her in such an obscure and little known site on the Internet. After sharing one final meal with her family and saying her goodbyes, Brandy was escorted through a magic portal to her new home.

> After moving to Creamy's Wonderland and settling in, Brandy enrolled in the local university in order to learn more about the world outside her village. One morning before class, she watched as a bully named Bobby Bradford beat up a smaller kid for refusing to give him his lunch money. Brandy tried to intervene, but the larger Bobby pushed her aside easily. Knowing she would have to defend herself if she was to ever confront Bobby or any other bully again, Brandy joined the local Watanabe Dojo to learn jujitsu.

> Brandy's lifelong disadvantage forced her to work much harder than peers to match their success when she was growing up, but now that she was in an environment where almost noone could use magic, the playing field was now level. But Brandy felt awkward without the disadvantage she had grown accustomed to, so she replaced her natural disadvantage with self-imposed ones, such as training with weights, and fighting in weight classes much heavier than her own. Despite these disadvantages, and fueled by the fear of inferiority that followed her even after she left her village, Brandy was able to stay at the top of her class, and become a jujitsu master in a mere two years. Impressed by her skill, discipline, and incredible commitment, Master Watanabe allowed Brandy to become his assistant instructor.

> Eventually, Brandy spotted Bobby about to beat up another smaller kid in the halls of the university, and this time she was able to stop him. But instead of the two becoming mortal enemies, Brandy convinced Bobby to turn his life around and join the Watanabe Dojo, and even went as far as to personally train him as his private tutor. This was only the beginning of Brandy's adventures in Creamy's Wonderland, as she would go on to compete in several martial arts tournaments, free an underappreciated kid from his abusive family, do battle with a beach bully, and deal with the corruption of her own magic energy.

Karate gi
Karate gi (Version 1.3)

Swim trunks
Swim trunks (Coming eventually)

Swim trunks
Casual (Coming eventually)

Hop backward - 
Hop forward - 
Dodge - E
Parry high - 
Parry low - 
Breakout Burst -  + E
Stone Aspect - , BQ

Oteigh Stunner - , QP
Ura nage - , , HP
Ippon seoinage -  + BP
Tomoe nage -  + BK
Power bomb -  + BH

Oteigh Drop -  + BH


Chip KO 1
File Size - 1.9MB
Running Time - 0:13
Description - My failed attempt to program a decent Chip KO animation.

Chip KO 2
File Size - 785KB
Running Time - 0:05
Description - I was able to fix the Chip KO anaimation, thanks in part to the Mugen Guild forums.

Knock Down - Air
File Size - 1.3MB
Running Time - 0:09
Description - Brandy's air knock down/get up animations. I would like to fix the landing spark's position, if that's even possible.

Knock Down - Standard
File Size - 951KB
Running Time - 0:06
Description - Standard knock down, hit ground, and get up animations.

File Size - 780KB
Running Time - 0:06
Description - Tetsu sweeps the pins from under Brandy.

Oteigh Stunner
File Size - 921KB
Running Time - 0:06
Description - Brandy's demonstration of her first special move; the Oteigh Stunner, formerly known as the Stun Uppercut.

Kata Guruma 1
File Size - 740KB
Running Time - 0:05
Description - Standard punch throw; the kata guruma.

Osoto Gari 1
File Size - 742KB
Running Time - 0:05
Description - Standard kick throw; the osoto gari.

Ippon Seoinage 1
File Size - 902KB
Running Time - 0:06
Description - Brandy's second special move; her high counter, the ippon seoinage.

Tomoe Nage 1
File Size - 578KB
Running Time - 0:04
Description - Brandy's demonstration of her third special move; her low counter, the tomoe nage.

Field Test 1
File Size - 9.1MB
Running Time - 1:00
Description - Brandy spars with Ken for a full minute in her first field test.

Ippon Seoinage 2
File Size - 632KB
Running Time - 0:06
Description - A new and improved ippon seoinage, with shorter wind up and wind down times, a longer timing window, and a bigger CLSN1 box.

Tomoe Nage 2
File Size - 618KB
Running Time - 0:05
Description - A new and improved tomoe nage, with a shorter wind down time, a longer timing window, and a bigger CLSN1 box.

Field Test 2
File Size - 9.1MB
Running Time - 1:00
Description - Another minute-long sparring session featuring Brandy, this time against Kung Fu Man. Brandy demonstrates her new walk animations, and her upgraded ippon seionage and tomoe nage.

Power Bomb 1
File Size - 1.3MB
Running Time - 0:10
Description - Brandy demonstrates her fourth special move; the power bomb. She uses this move to counter aerial attacks.

Ura Nage 1
File Size - 691KB
Running Time - 0:06
Description - A short clip of Brandy's ura nage, which is her fifth special move and her only offensive throw among them.

Field Test 3
File Size - 9.1MB
Running Time - 1:00
Description - A one minute clip of Brandy sparring with Ryoko Izumo. Since the last field test, I've completed Brandy's power bomb and ura nage, and added sprites that make her visible when put in her opponents' custom states. I've also included hitsparks ripped from Super Metroid, and sound effects ripped from Worms World Party.

Thrown Forward
File Size -
Running Time - 0:05
Description - A three sprite animation that prevents Brandy from disappearing when being put into certain custom states, such as Kung Fu Man's punch throw.

Breakout Burst
File Size -
Running Time - 0:05
Description - Brandy's sixth and final special attack, which is a guard cancel type move called the Breakout Burst.

Tomoe Nage 3
File Size -
Running Time - 0:06
Description - I increased the time between
the initial kick and the grab in Brandy's tomoe nage from 25 to 60 ticks. This more than doubles the time given to super cancel into her Oteigh Drop.

Oteigh Drop 1
File Size -
Running Time - 0:14
Description - Brandy's first super attack is a variation of the double-leg takedown that sends opponents to the floor on their backs, and deals heavy damage.

File Size -
Running Time - 0:23
Description - A demonstration of Brandy's parrying abilities in Version 1.2.

Kata Guruma 2
File Size - 508KB
Running Time - 0:05
Description - Brandy now recovers faster after throwing her opponent with the kata guruma.

Osoto Gari 2
File Size - 519KB
Running Time - 0:05
Description - The osoto gari now includes an explosion effect.

Ura Nage 2
File Size - 3.8MB
Running Time - 0:33
Description -
Brandy now recovers faster than her opponent after throwing her opponent with the ura nage.

Ippon Seoinage 3
File Size - 580KB
Running Time - 0:06
Description -
Brandy now recovers faster than her opponent after throwing her opponent with the ippon seoinage.

Tomoe Nage 4
File Size - 4.5MB
Running Time - 0:37
Description - 
Brandy now recovers faster than her opponent after throwing her opponent with the tomoe nage.

Power Bomb 2
File Size - 520KB
Running Time - 0:05
Description - The hit boxes of the power bomb's victim state habe been removed, making the attack look less awkward.

Oteigh Drop 2
File Size - 5
Running Time - 0:41
Description -
Brandy now recovers faster than her opponent after throwing her opponent with the Oteigh Drop.

File Size - 2.8
Running Time - 0:22
Description -
Brandy can now be thrown while attempting to dodge.

Arcade Run 1
File Size - 83.3
Running Time - 9:03
Description -
Brandy goes through her first run in Arcade Mode.

Arcade Run 2
File Size - 83.1
Running Time - 9:01
Description -
Brandy's second recorded run in Arcade Mode.

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