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10/2/2016 - Today, on the 17th birthday of Creamy's Wonderland, I have two more MUGEN character edits to release. This time, they are Shartel and Rucheca, both originally created by the artist Teaf, and hosted on his website, FanaTail. These two characters are the first of many of the nerfed MUGEN characters I will be releasing for the upcoming Double Jeopardy 2016 MUGEN AI tournament, which I will start recording very soon. And as always, you can find these two edited characters under Games / MUGEN / Characters.

8/16/2016 - And now, only ten days after the previous update of Creamy's Wonderland, the next two MUGEN character edits are available for download under Games / MUGEN / Characters. This time, I have edited Arina Makihara and Rai Bakuoh from the old Sunsoft game Waku Waku 7, and they will be the last of five buffed characters for the upcoming Double Jeopardy 2016 MUGEN AI tournament.

8/6/2016 - In the Games / MUGEN / Characters section of Creamy's Wonderland, Roy, originally created by liero116, is now ready for download. Roy was created for MUGEN 1.0+, and had a groove system that made it hard to edit him, so I completely rebuilt his cns and cmd from scratch using my Netizen Rage template. Also, Ryoko Izumo has been updated to Version 3.00_CGX02. This version of Ryoko includes updated damage values which conform to the latest Netizen Rage standards, and a custom AI.

3/11/2016 - It's only been two and a half weeks since I released the initial version (Version 1.1) of my Austavin Quake 2 PPM, but I'm already ready to release the first minor update of the model (Version 1.2). This update fixes a major issue with the Capture The Flag icons which made those skins unplayable, and a minor issue that made strange lines appear on certain parts of the model.

2/22/2016 - At long last, after about 10 months of on and off work, I am finally ready to release the first official version (Version 1.1) of my Austavin Quake 2 PPM. The model is nowhere near as good as I wanted it to be, but despite its problems, I'm still proud of the fruits of my labor, and all the work it took to get me to this point. Go to the new Austavin page under GamesQuake 2 / PPMs and grab yourself a copy of the model.

2/17/2016 - The hand grenade model for my Austavin_Quake 2_PPM has been finished and properly aligned to Austavin's right hand. Three other weapon models have also been aligned to Austavin's hand as well. More details are available on the Austavin page under GamesQuake 2 / PPMs.

2/11/2016 - All three skins of my Austavin_Quake 2_PPM are now completed. Head on down to the Austavin page under GamesQuake 2 / PPMs to see what they look like.

2/1/2016 - Early this morning, I finished the skin map of my Austavin_Quake 2_PPM. Go to the Austavin page under GamesQuake 2 / PPMs and read all about it.

1/24/2016 - The optimization phase of the Austavin_Quake 2_PPM is now finished. Check out the Austavin page under GamesQuake 2 / PPMs for more details. Speaking of Austavin, there is a new front page mural on Creamy's Wonderland currently named A New Challenger, and it offers a glimpse of what Austavin will look like once he is released into the Quake 2 arenas. The name of this mural could change if I can find a better one to replace it with.

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